Like a Lilliputian  I pitch a ladder  And scale your El Capitan body   With my fingers In between flesh and  Bone, finding my way From hip to lotus   To lip to collarbone. My lips are feelers Experimenting between Goosebumps and twitches.   Occasionally i am lost And wander across  a desert of pheromones […]

Hanging Gardens

A secret paradise — A paradise lost1 Hanging gardens are Your eden tongues That wraps around My throat And speak elegy To innocence. By the time you  Sink your fangs  Into my veins I can’t feel a thing. I mistake your Red hourglass For a rosehip and you dine Cracking me like  An oyster Spooning […]

Sayonara Summer

The perfect nude finale to celebrate the end of summer (yes, a few months late – but does the spirit of summer ever go away?) Also this shoot feels like vintage playboy and we love it!

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