Like a Lilliputian 

I pitch a ladder 

And scale your

El Capitan body


With my fingers

In between flesh and 

Bone, finding my way

From hip to lotus


To lip to collarbone.

My lips are feelers

Experimenting between

Goosebumps and twitches.


Occasionally i am lost

And wander across 

a desert of pheromones

— Thirsting.


And you, drop by drop, 

Anoint my mouth

With your salt

— a baptizing ocean.


The sun peeks at 

You through the blinds 

Casting a maze from lace

That i trace like an ant. 


I crack a window 

to let the steam out

and let the call 

Of the hungry fox in


Which is something akin 

To what is between us. 


Frank Carellini tends to poetry as a mechanism to grasp the fleeting enormity of life, nature, consciousness. Raised in Brooklyn, NY, Frank has recently published poetry in Communion and Tiger Moth. Educated in business and biochemistry, he builds life science startups that make the world a bit better. 

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photos by @the_misfit_muse / model @willavanillla

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